Raised Into Ruin

by Losing Season

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released August 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Losing Season Windham, Connecticut

Alternative Rock/ Doom Pop from Marlborough, CT

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Track Name: Sight Unseen
I focus on myself
So I don't speak for anybody else
And I hear those quick remarks.
They're like shadows in the dark.
And i just know there's something I don't see.

As friends we grow apart.
And we lose sight of who we really are.
And now I feel the chill running down my back,
So I keep a straight face so I don't react
Because some things I just don't need to say.

You'll never know that I don't want you to know
What's going through my head.

Talking in my sleep.
Cause' no one understands the secrets I can't keep.
Track Name: Raised Into Ruin
I hear these waves crash in my head.
And it's just like a story; one that I have never read.
And I feel so alone.

I need a place I never knew.
Where there's warm nights and bright lights down on every avenue.
All the people I won't know.

I know we can't have it all.
Our shadows grow too tall.
But these evil thoughts ain't leavin' me alone.
Is it worth it to destroy a lifetime full of joy?
Or is this the only life I'll ever know?
Track Name: Losing Season
Empty lungs
Hollow heart.
I'm going though the motions.
Lights fade
Curtains close
I'm struggling with the notion that I...

I think I've heard this one before.
I know the sound but forget the score.

It's hard to sing a victory song when I'm just barely breathing.
So unprepared, now I can't bare another losing season.
I'm so tired of hearing "It's just one more year"
that I can't take the sound.

Tired eyes
Outstretched arms
It's just beyond my reach.
No last remarks
No final bow
No sentimental speech because I...

I think I've hear this one before.